"Longing & Belonging" explores the meaning of home based on a distinction within the German language. It includes a photo book about "Heimat", photographs created within an installation about "Zuhause" and a thesis.

The German language contains two words for ‘home’. ‘Zuhause’ is the place where one lives and goes ‘home’ to. ‘Heimat’ does not ­necessarily refer to a physical place but the yearning for a deep-rooted feeling of ­connection and trust. It is a feeling that relates to the familiar landscape of an area, to ones family or to a special person, sound or smell. While the sense of ‘Heimat’ is evoked by memories and nostalgia, thus experienced passively, creating a ‘Zuhause’ can be regarded as the act of dwelling and the construction of a warm, sheltered place where one belongs to and finds comfort and peace. "Longing & Belonging" is about delving into those two physical and ­emotional places one calls ‘home’.
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