My Role
Born from compassion and years of extensive research, this passion project combines my expertise in creating human-centered, intuitive digital products and insights from coaching female athletes to promote women's health. I used DALL-E 2 to craft emotive imagery, visualising and simplifying complex biological concepts, such as the effects of hormones on our bodies and I'm currently collaborating with a developer to finalise the app.
The Goal
I aim to develop an app providing free, accessible information on the monthly hormone cycle with a focus on data privacy. Users can track physical and physiological trends, empowering anyone with a menstrual cycle to cultivate a sustainable, healthy, and compassionate relationship with their body and mind.
The Problem
Current cycle tracking apps lack inclusive health, cycle, and performance data and are geared towards fertility or birth control. They are prescription-based, excluding casual users seeking cycle-related lifestyle or training information. Additionally, many apps are not GDPR-compliant, risking third-party tracking and privacy breaches.
Baseline Research
At the start of the project I conducted a survey with 80 participants. This helped me to define the problem space and to understand my participants needs. Based on the research outcomes, I developed two personas Faith and Hannah and considered their needs throughout the design process.
Prototyping & Testing
Hi-fi Prototype
AI generated imagery
“Render of matt white, balls melting into a daring, brave, social, orange body, white background”
“Render a liquid, blue, calming, cleansing shape, on white background”
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