The Challenge
Many individuals with chronic diseases face challenges in improving their health and well-being despite standard care. There is a need for a comprehensive approach that integrates lifestyle and behaviour adjustments as a supplement to traditional care.
In my role as the Digital Product Lead, I closely collaborated with psychologists and developers, concurrently developing the UX and UI design.

The Goal
We've developed a service that leverages lifestyle and behavior changes as complementary to standard care, aiming to enhance the well-being of individuals with chronic diseases. Our primary goal is to ensure more personalized care while reducing overall costs for patients. The Gillvray Health App empowers patients to set and achieve realistic health goals, overseen by their doctors. Simultaneously, the Doctors Dashboard, fueled by real-time patient data and feedback, optimizes treatments for healthcare professionals. This holistic approach prioritizes monitoring key health indicators, providing a transformative solution for chronic disease management. The result is a significant enhancement of long-term well-being for patients and increased job satisfaction for doctors.
The App
Doctors Dashboard
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