In collaboration with  Kode21 Climate Innovation, I developed a website and a report proposing 50 solutions for a practical fashion utopia for ASN Bank's Impact Investors.
My role involved preparing our initial ideation workshop and transforming the complex landscape of a regenerative fashion industry into accessible and intuitive digital solutions. I took the lead in creating a website, expanding the scope of the project beyond the required PDF report.
The fashion regeneration website will be ASN's main platform to share their work and inspire further collaboration, whilst the report will inform the Impact Investors in house strategy.
How might we effectively communicate our fashion-utopia insights to resonate with ASN and other potential users, ensuring maximum impact and seizing opportunities for positive transformation?
At the project's outset, we conceptualised and facilitated an idiation workshop in collaboration with supply chain, energy transformation, and fashion industry experts to unlock the potential of a regenerative fashion future.
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