Walking Belfast

“Walking Belfast” is a personal portrait of Belfast. It focuses on apparently insignificant details and moments. By walking down every street I explored Belfast’s diversity and my  connection to it. I noticed how my perception of the city changed during the project. Aware of this transition I captured what I ­recognised as familiar or typical ­of Belfast’s flair and kept challenging my ­approach, searching for stranger aspects and areas of the city. Despite knowing about Belfast’s troubled past, I focused my work on personal experiences of my ­daily life in ­Belfast. Even if I can relate to the dull atmosphere in some parts of Belfast, the intention of “Walking ­Belfast” is to understand and capture the small things defining Belfast’s flair and the way I perceived it as my home.

What I love about Belfast is its diversity. Within the many different areas you’ll find diverse atmospheres and ways of living. Compared to cities in Germany Belfast is less organised and the contrast within the city makes it so interesting to photograph. Every day I could go and find something new and unexpected, no matter how much time I’ve spent wandering around. Traces left by people, small things telling about their lives. Some you’d only recognise when the light is on them in a certain way. Belfast isn’t pretty but it feels like it’s home and the people living in it create there own little personal spaces and individual beauty.