Walking Belfast

“Walking Belfast” is a personal portrait of Belfast. It ­focuses on apparently insignificant details and moments. By ­walking down every street I explored Belfast’s diversity and my ­connection to the city. I noticed how my perception of place changed during the project. Over time I developed my own little routine on photographing. I started this portrait by collecting what I ­recognised as familiar or typical ­of Belfast’s flair and kept searching for stranger aspects and areas of the city. ­Despite knowing about Belfast’s troubled past, I focused my work on the personal experience of my ­daily life in ­Belfast. 

What I love about Belfast is its diversity. Within the many ­different areas you’ll find a ­variety of atmospheres and ways of living. Most days, no matter how much time I’ve spent wandering around, I’d ­discover something new and ­unexpected, or meet someone to tell me an other story. 

After one year of exploring my ­surroundings Belfast started to feel familiar and like home.