Series of in-camera double exposures on expired 35 mm film.
A self experiment about lucid dreams. Can we interact with our subconscious?

Lucid dreaming is one way to interact with the subconscious and to explore the deeper layers of perception. The aim in lucid dreaming is to identify dreams as dreams and therefore provide the possibility to shape them more fully through the imagination. One way to gain awareness is by questioning and observing reality during the day to become conscious about the smallest abnormalities that would indicate a dream. In conscious perception, memory intervenes in the dreams and prolongs a plurality of moments and sensations into one single intuition. This might be the emotion that stays  in the subconscious mind as a feeling such as a connection between memories and future moments. Being the opposite of a Déjà-vu it includes a similar intense clarity of the present moment. During experimenting with the subconscious mind, reality seems to be transcended, shifting between different levels of consciousness.