Home Shift

Home Shift

home (noun)   the place where we live

home  (verb)    returning to a place by instinct

Home Shift explores the connection between the place of our everyday life and the emotional meaning of “home”. Asking what we physically and emotionally need to feel “at home”.  “Home”  is constantly shifting, dissolving and redefining itself — shaped by our changing lifestyles, social environment and self perception. Is “home” defined by a certain mindset that allows a special attachment to a place? Feeling “home” can imply an intimate bonding to and the intense awareness of one place. But we might also experience the dampening of our conscious interaction with our surroundings and emotions through everyday routines and habit. 

If we are aware of our environment and emotional reaction, small things, perceived subconsciously and based on personal experience, can allow us to feel sheltered and give us a sense of belonging.  We have consciously or unconsciously developed little personal ways that help us to create a “sense of home”. 

“home”  might not alway be defined as one certain place. We might “feel home” at more places at the same time and can choose where to stay and create happiness and purpose.