I care about people.
I love sports, travelling and exploring.
I’m outgoing, curious and love to engage with people.
I’m happy in beautiful nature.
I’m a conceptual thinker and a passionate designer.


I am a designer & photographer, studying Communication Design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Observing everyday life is something that I enjoy, and I try to capture fascinating aspects of the world around me.

My focus is branding and identity design since I’m keen to learn more about processes employed to solve complex problems. I enjoy experimenting to discover new creative solutions.

I’m a conceptual thinker and passionate designer, always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to grow.

My pictures and sketches are an attempt to capture the many things that I have seen on my adventures: traveling through India, hiking in the Andes and horseback riding in the Mongolian steppes. 

Hopefully my diverse experiences give me a broader perspective on my work as a designer.

My first language is German and after studying abroad in Northern Ireland I have a fluent written and spoken English.

To continue my journey I am looking for interesting new challenges and opportunities.